The glitz and glamour of celebrity life isn't just reserved for red carpets and gala events. Beaches and pool parties also serve as runways where stars showcase their sartorial savvy in everything from designer bikinis to modest one-piece swimsuits. Whether they're flaunting tummy control pieces, long sleeve designs, or cute two-piece sets, celebrities consistently set the bar high when it comes to beachwear trends. Ever caught yourself ogling an Instagram post and wondering, "Where did she get that swimsuit?" Dive with us as we explore the world of celebrity beachwear and uncover the styles our favorite stars are rocking!

The Bikini Brigade

Fast forward a few decades, and the bikini symbolizes liberation, body positivity, and high fashion. Modern celebrities have embraced the bikini and played pivotal roles in reinventing its appeal. Selena Gomez, for instance, made waves with her high-waisted bikini choices, a nod to both contemporary tastes and vintage styles. Rihanna, never one to shy away from bold fashion, has been a staunch patron of the bandeau bikini, offering a sleek, minimalistic vibe. The bikini's transformative journey, influenced by these stars, shows its enduring nature in the ever-changing world of fashion.

Zendaya in a two piece high waist swimsuit and a matching pattern blazer

Modest and Elegant: The One-Piece Wonders

While bikinis might have ruled the roost for a while, the allure of the one-piece swimsuit has never really faded. Combining modesty with undeniable elegance, one-piece swimsuits have been the go-to choice for many celebs seeking a balance between style and comfort. Taylor Swift, known for her penchant for vintage styles, often graces the beach in retro swimsuits that harken back to Hollywood's golden era. Zendaya, on the other hand, merges the past with the present by donning modern monokinis that play with cut-outs and designs, creating a perfect blend of modesty and contemporary fashion. These choices show that the one-piece swimsuit remains a versatile and stylish option championed by many of today's top celebrities.

    Rihanna posing in block colour one shoulder swimsuit

    Sporty & Functional: Athleisure On The Beach

    Gone are the days when sportswear was confined to the gym. With the advent of athleisure, sporty aesthetics have found their way to the beach, and celebrities are at the forefront of this trend. Take Serena Williams, for instance. As one of the world's top athletes, she naturally gravitates towards swimwear that offers both form and functionality. Her choices blend her professional athleticism and personal style, from athletic one-pieces to sporty bikinis. Supermodel Gigi Hadid, too, has been seen embracing the sporty trend. Whether playing beach volleyball or just soaking up the sun, her sporty two-pieces embody the essence of athleisure - comfort combined with style.

    Designer Dive: Luxury Brands in The Mix

    For many celebrities, the beach is just another runway, and what better way to strut on the sand than in luxury designer wear? Kim Kardashian is no stranger to high fashion, and her swimwear choices are no exception. On several occasions, she's been seen flaunting swimsuits from luxury labels, like her sleek Balmain piece with flashing paparazzi cameras. Another style icon, Bella Hadid, is known for her impeccable fashion sense, which includes her penchant for designer beachwear. One can recall her chic Chanel moments, where she effortlessly marries beach fun with high fashion.

    Gigi Hadid posing at the beach in two piece swimsuit


    Making Waves with Unique Cuts & Patterns

    While some celebs lean towards classic styles, others aren't afraid to stand out with their unique swimwear choices. Katy Perry, ever the pop culture icon, often opts for swimsuits that are as vibrant and quirky as her music. From whimsical prints to unconventional cuts, she truly embodies beach individuality. Similarly, Lizzo has made a mark not just with her music but also with her unapologetic style statements. Her swimwear choices are as vivacious and powerful as her personality, whether it's a bold pattern, a unique cut, or a vibrant color palette.


    From the athletic aesthetics of athleisure on the beach to the luxury of designer brands and the audacity of standout cuts and patterns, celebrity swimwear choices truly run the gamut. Whether it's the sporty two-pieces favored by Gigi Hadid or the luxurious allure of Kim Kardashian's Balmain selection, the beach becomes a canvas for these stars to express their style. Icons like Katy Perry and Lizzo elevate the game with their unique prints and vibrant choices, showcasing that swimsuits are more than just attire; they're statements. As we dive into the world of swimsuits, guided by these celebrities, it's evident that there's no one-size-fits-all. Instead, there's a world of bikinis, modest swimsuits, designer pieces, and much more to explore, ensuring everyone finds their perfect style wave.

    September 08, 2023 — Iris Atsin